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If you want to make sure that you are enjoying the optimal amount of blueberry goodness during your vape experience, the best thing to do is purchase a Blueberry Flavor Shot from Mt Baker Vapor. This will enable you to have full control over the level of blueberry flavor that is added to your e-juice.

- Smooth, rich blueberry flavor
- Discounts of up to 30%
- Mix with other flavors
- Add to our unflavored e-liquid
- Real taste of blueberries

Our Blueberry Flavor Shot is ideal for the creative vapor. You can either mix this with other e-liquids that we have for sale. Or, you can add some drops to our unflavored vape juice. This enables you to create a blueberry vape experience that is deliciously tailored to your taste buds. the options are endless, and this enables you to let out your creative side and enjoy some fresh and unique vaping experiences.

You can also make some significant savings if you subscribe to our auto-delivery service, with as much as 30% off your orders!

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