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Mt Baker Vapor Hawk Sauce Flavor Shot Raspberry Blackberry



At Mk Baker Vapor, we have created an exciting collection of flavor shots, which enable you to truly personalize your vaping experience.

Our Hawk Sauce Flavor Shot is a powerful blend of raspberry and blackberry, creating a sweet and sour taste experience, which is adored by so many. Despite the powerful, fruity flavors, you get a smooth and refreshingly cool vape.

- Blend of raspberries and blackberries
- 30ml bottle
- Great discounts and low prices
- Mix with an existing blend for a new flavor
- Add to our unflavored vape juice

A lot of people like to add our Hawk Sauce Flavor Shot to our new Unflavored Juice, as this enables them to add as many droplets of the sweet and sour fruit flavor liquid to their juice so they can have an intense vape experience.

If you are a creative vapor and you like to experiment with different flavors and combinations, you can add our Hawk Sauce Flavor Shot to a pre-existing blend. This will enable you to create a taste experience that is just for you.

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