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Menthol Flavor Shot For Vape Juice - 30mL



Getting the right vape juice isn’t always easy. Even when you find a flavor you like, they are often far from perfect, and a lot of people want to give their e-liquid a little extra. This is where our Menthol Flavor Shot comes in. Burtsting with menthol flavor, just a couple of drops of this in your next bottle of vape juice will change your experience entirely. You have full control over the strength of your menthol hit.

Alongside making the ideal addition to existing e-liquids, this Menthol Flavor Shot can also be an excellent tool for those making e-liquids. Menthol adds an extra quality to your vape juices that can’t be found elsewhere, giving the character and keeping them interesting for longer. You can find flavorless e-liquid on the MT Baker Vapor website to give yourself the building blocks towards your perfect vaping experience. 

  • Strong menthol flavor
  • Great for diluting or making e-liquids
  • Nicotine-free
  • 30mL bottles available

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