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Reds Apple Vape Juice - Watermelon 30ml Size

Iced: No



We have a fruit flavor combination that is going to have you dreaming of lazy days on the beach and cruises along clear blue waters!

Watermelon and red apple go together perfectly, delivering a sweet and satisfying vape that is adored by so many!

- Ripe red apple and watermelon combination
- Suitable for pod refills
- Great low price
- Not for Sub-Ohm use
- 5% nicotine salt

Not only do we have the original Reds Apple Vape Juice - Watermelon for sale, but we have developed an iced version as well. This is perfect for those who prefer a cooler hit.

If you have never tried these unique nicotine salt formulations before, you may be wondering whether they are right for you.

These vape liquids are designed to deliver a higher nicotine hit, and they are suitable for use in pod-style, low-wattage devices. They have not been designed for use with Sub-Ohn atomizers and tanks, so do keep this in mind.

If you have any questions about nicotine salts, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Nicotine Salt Product Details

-5% nicotine salt
-30ml Vape Juice bottle
-Bottle Perfect for Pod Refills
-WARNING: Do not use in Sub-Ohm style tanks and atomizers. Only for use in high resistance, low wattage pod devices

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