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Lucy Gum Nicotine Alternative - Three Flavors Available

Flavor: Wintergreen



Whether you’re quitting smoking or simply need some nicotine on the go, Lucy Gum is the perfect nicotine alternative. Available in Cinnamon, Wintergreen, and Pomegranate flavors, you’ll never get bored of this replacement, with each piece of gum packing intense flavor to go along with the nicotine.

Each piece of Lucy Gum contains 4mg of nicotine, making them stronger than many of the alternatives you’ll find on the market. Offering a clean, discrete, and easy way to satisfy your nicotine cravings, Lucy Gum is one of the best nicotine replacements on the market, enabling users to enjoy rich flavors without the taste of nicotine getting in the way.

  • Tastes like real mint, fruit, and cinnamon, rather than nicotine.
  • 4mg of nicotine in every piece
  • A clean nicotine alternative that doesn’t harm your health
  • Ten pieces of gum per pack

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