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5PK Innokin AJAX Coils

Resistance: .16Ω



5PK Innokin AJAX Coils are replacement coils for the Ajax Sub-Ohm Tank for the MVP5 Ajax, a vaporizer for the outdoors. These coils come in a pack of five, allowing for regular replacement and are available in two resistances: 0.16 and 0.35 ohms. 

Ajax Coils are the perfect replacement for your Ajax device, offering a wood pulp cotton blend for exceptional wicking and potent flavor. The large mesh coil surface area provides optimal heat distribution across the e-liquid, providing maximum flavor extraction and a clean, fresh taste. 

Removal of your existing Ajax coils from the tank is simple. Pull out your current cartridge and then press-fit the new Ajax coil until it slots into place. 

Please replace your Ajax coils every one to two weeks, depending on the frequency you vape and the type of e-liquid you use. Note that replacing your coils is essential for tank maintenance and the longevity of your device. 

  • Wood pulp and cotton blend for exceptional vapor production
  • Dynamic elements for consistent and even heat production
  • Pack of five
  • Compatible with MVP5 Ajax


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Innokin AJAX Coil Details

-sold as a 5 pack
-Plex3D Coil Series
-Compatible with Ajax Sub-Ohm Tank
-0.16Ω (50-80W)
-0.35Ω (30-55W)
-Kanthal Mesh Wire
-Wood Pulp/Cotton Wicking Material
-Plug and Pull Coil Design

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