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Aspire AVP Pro Kit

Color Style: Rainbow



Aspire AVP Pro Kit is the ideal device for vaping, doing away with overly-complicated setups, and providing you with an easy and straightforward vaping experience that gets straight to the flavor. 

The Aspire AVP Pro Kit is sleek and refined and offers quick-change coils that slot in and out in seconds. Experienced vapers and vendors alike consider it to be one of the finest AIO devices on the market today. 

The creators of the product make cleaning simple. Remove the coil and then clean out the tank using your regular cleaning supplies. 

The Aspire AVP Pro Kit offers nearly double the battery storage and vape juice capacity of its previous devices, making this latest interaction a worthy successor to the ever-popular Apsire AVP Pro that came before. Featuring multiple power setting, press-fit coils, and adjustable airflow, there's so much to love about this kit. 

  • Sleek and refined designed
  • Improved battery and vape juice capacity
  • Multiple power settings
  • Press-fit coils for easy maintenance
  • Expert system designed to get maximum flavor from your vape juice
  • Perfect for those looking for an easy-to-use product


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Aspire AVP Pro Features

- 1200 mAh regulated battery
- 3.3 -4.2v power
- Power Settings - Red (10w), Blue (12w), Green (14w), White (16w)
- 4mL liquid capacity
- Coils - AVP Pro Coils 0.65Ω Mesh / 1.15Ω (Kanthal AF) press fit
- Adjustable Slider Airflow Control
- Sleek, Ergonomic, Durable Design

Aspire AVP Pro Kit Includes

-1x AVP Pro Device
-1x AVP Pro Pod
-1x AVP Pro Coil .65Ω Mesh Coil
-1x AVP Pro Coil 1.15Ω
-1x USB-C Charging Cable
-1x Warranty Card
-1x User Manual 

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