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BEAUTYaF CBD Body Butter 200mg + Vitamin E - 100% THC-free



Achieving the right results with your beauty routine can often be a drag. There are loads of products to use, countless methods and tools involved, and it can feel like your righting an neverending battle. Add some ease and simplicity to securing smooth and silky skin with this BEAUTYaF CBD Body Butter from Sky Wellness. Packed with CBD and Vitamin E, this body butter takes the work out of being beautiful.

  • CBD: CBD is an extract from hemp that acts as an exfoliant, antioxidant, and natural anti-aging agent. Each tub of this body butter contains 200mg of CBD, giving you a strong dose every time.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E is well-known for its skin health beneifts. Acting as an antioxidant and helping cells to stay healthy, this ingredient is essential in any cover-all skin product. Vitamin E has also shown signs of combatting the damage caused by UV light to skin.

This body butter is designed to be used all over your body, giving you the chance to reduce the products you use each day. This makes it a great counterpart to Sky Wellness’ WOKEaF CBD Under Eye Awakening Cream, offering full-coverage for your most important areas. Each 100mL tub of body butter contains 200mg of CBD.

  • Made and grown in the USA
  • Contains 200mg of CBD in each 100mL tub
  • Designed to be used across your whole body
  • Take the pain out of silky smooth skin

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