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Sky Wellness CBDaF! Gummies 600mg 30ct Fruit Flavors



If you're looking for a fun and delicious way to take CBD, these CBDaF! Gummies 600mg 30ct Fruit Flavors could be perfect for you! Many people find other ways of taking THC a little complex, or may be simply looking for a different method that's a little more enjoyable. This is where gummies can come into play! All you do is eat the recommended number of gummies each day or as and when you use CBD.

The gummies veer away from the nutty, earthy or grassy taste of plain CBD, as they're infused with fresh fruit flavours. This makes them sweet, delicious and something you'll look forward to! There's a mix of tropical fruit and berry fruit flavours in each pack to keep things different.

Plus, eating a gummy is a pretty discreet way to take CBD. These gummies aren't particularly distinguishable from any other gummies or candies, so if you're looking for a subtle way to take your CBD, this could be the option for you!

Each gummy contains 20mg of pure CBD, meaning that you get plenty of CBD in just one gummy. The gummies are also completely THC free, which means you won't experience the high sensation that you might with products that contain higher levels of THC, making these gummies perfect for use at any time or in any place.

It's also worth noting that these gummies are completely fat free.

You can rest assured that you're getting quality with these gummies. Not only are they crafted from USA grown hemp, but they're manufactured in USA facilities too! They're then 3rd party tested to ensure you really are getting the best we can provide.


  • Fat free
  • THC free
  • USA grown hemp
  • USA manufactured
  • 3rd party lab tested

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