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Sky Wellness CBDaF! Oil Drops 600mg Tropical Fruit



There are a lot of CBD oils out there, but these CBDaF! Oil Drops 600mg Tropical Fruit really stand out from the crowd. Many people find the taste of plain CBD oil a little nutty, earthy or grassy for their taste. But the fruity tropical taste of these CBD oil drops tends to be much more universally popular. Who doesn't enjoy a sweet, fruity and juicy kick to their day?

The CBDaF! Oil Drops 600mg Tropical Fruit also contains less than .03 THC, which means that using these CBD drops won't give you the high sensation that is commonly associated with products containing higher levels of THC.

These CBD oil drops have been specially formulated to be high quality. They're manufactured using USA grown hemp and are created in USA based facilities. They're also third party lab tested to ensure that you're getting a great quality product that you'll enjoy.

There are countless potential benefits of CBD oil drops. These range from being able to potentially alleviate pain, reduce stiffness, ease stress or anxiety or various other potential uses.

Perhaps the easiest way to use this oil is to drop the recommended dose beneath your tongue. The oil comes in a small and compact package which can easily be used anywhere and at any time. It also comes with a dropper for ease of use and to minimise mess.


  • > .03 THC
  • USA grown hemp
  • USA manufactured
  • 3rd party lab tested

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