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Juul Device - Ultra-Portable Pod Vaping System

Color: Silver



Juul has rapidly become one of the biggest names in vaping over the last few years. Their ingenious pod system makes it possible to enjoy a satisfying vape without having to carry big bottles or unwieldy devices around with you.

The device itself comes with the Juul device, a USB charger, and a two-year limited warranty from Juul themselves. Designed to be used with Juul’s pod e-liquid system, it’s never been so easy to top up your vape and carry on with your day. Each pod will last for around one charge of the Juul’s battery, and this is about a day for most users, making this system an affordable one compared to other vaping methods.

  • Includes the Juul Device and a USB Charger
  • Designed to be used with Juul Pods (not included)
  • Large battery capable of lasting a whole day
  • 10W maximum output for safe vaping
  • Two-year limited warranty from Juul
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Juul Device Features

-200mAh battery
-slate or silver

Juul Device Includes

-1 rechargeable Juul Device
-USB charger
-One Year limited warranty (from Juul)
-Juul Pods not included

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