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Pachamama Salts - Icy Mango 5% Nicotine Salt



Are you someone who enjoys a Mango Mojito when you are lying on the beach? Maybe it is your fruit of choice?

No matter what applies, if you are a fan of the taste of fresh mango, you are going to love this product! Pachamama Salts - Icy Mangon delivers a delicious hit of the ripe fruit, which is finished off with a light topping of freshly ground mint.

- Mango and fresh mint flavor
- 30ml
- Works best with pod devices
- Great price
- 5% nicotine salt

If you are looking to enjoy a higher hit of nicotine from your vape experience, you will love these nicotine salt formulations. They provide just what you are looking for.

They are great for use with pod devices because you can control the nicotine hit you experience.

However, please note that they have not been designed for use with Sub-Ohm atomizers and tanks. If you have this sort of device and you would like a similar vape juice, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Nicotine Salt Product Details

-5% nicotine salt
-30ml Vape Juice bottle
-Bottle Perfect for Pod Refills
-WARNING: Do not use in Sub-Ohm style tanks and atomizers. Only for use in high resistance, low wattage pod devices

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