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Sky Wellness RECOVERaF CBD Tropical Roll-On Gel 500mg + Green Tea



If you're experiencing tired or sore muscles, this RECOVERaF CBD Roll-On Gel could help! This gel has been specially formulated to help soother muscles, joints and other areas you might roll the gel onto!

We're all familiar with the ache you get the day after a good workout. This is called DOMS or "delayed onset muscle soreness". Put simply, it means that you've worked your muscles harder than usual or in a new way. Most people experience this when starting to exercise after a long time off, trying a new type of exercise, or going at it a little harder than usual.

The good news is that you don't have to just put up with these aches. Instead, you can roll a little RECOVERaF CBD Roll-On Gel onto the sore areas and you'll feel relief before you know it. This roll on gel contains CBD, which can alleviate soreness or stiffness. It also contains arnica, which can soothe the skin, and green tea extracts, primrose oil and chamomila. This is the ultimate soothing combination!

This is a topical gel, so all you have to do is roll it over your skin. As you can imagine, this is simple, straightforward and altogether convenient. Another major benefit of this roll on gel is that it has a nice, tropical scent. So, you needn't worry about having any excessively strong or artificial smells when using it.

This gel is available in a 500ml roll on, so it's small, compact and easy to carry with you - whether that's to the gym, the office, social events or anything else. You can subtly apply the gel as and when you need it!


  • THC free
  • USA grown hemp
  • USA manufactured
  • 3rd party lab tested

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