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Sapphyre Nic - Nicotine Additive More Strength

Strength: 10% (0.9ml)



One thing we recognize here at MT Baker Vapor is that everyone has different wants and tastes when it comes to their vape experience. Some people like fruity vapes, others prefer minty! Some people love flavor combinations, other people like to keep it simple! There are then some people who prefer small amounts of nicotine, whereas others enjoy a big nicotine hit!

If you fall into the latter category, Sapphyre Nic - Nicotine Additive is going to be ideal for you. This is an undiluted nicotine additive that is ideal for increasing the strength of nicotine in your favorite vape juice. All you need to do is add the desired amount to the bottle of vape juice you are using.

- Undiluted nicotine additive
- Increase the nicotine strength of your vape juice
- Different strengths available
- Super low price
- Easy-to-use

This product is really easy to use. Simply add as many droplets as you wish to your favorite bottle of vape juice. You may need to remove a little bit of the vape liquid before doing so to make room for the nicotine additive.

Sapphyre Nic Additive Product Details

1 X 0.9ml 10% Sapphyre Nic Concentrate Tube
1 X 0.9ml 20% Sapphyre Nic Concentrate Tube
1 X 1.8ml 20% Sapphyre Nic Concentrate Tube

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