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Mt Baker Vapor Strawberry Flavor Shot Mix With Vape Juice



Are you a lover of all things strawberry flavored? If so, this Strawberry Flavor Shot is a must-have for your vape collection!

Our flavor shots give you the ability to add as much strawberry flavor to your vape juice as you wish. This means you can make your vape liquid as intense as your taste buds will be able to handle!

- Sharp strawberry flavor
- Amazing discounts available
- Mix with unflavored vape juice
- Experiment with other blends
- 30ml bottle size

You can have a lot of fun with our Strawberry Flavor Shot. A lot of people like to add this to our new Unflavored Juice so that they can create a strawberry hit as intense as they wish!

However, for the creative vapor, mixing this product with other blends to create unique flavors can be a lot of fun. After all, strawberry is a flavor that combines with many others, from mint and cream to raspberry, apple, and other fruits! The options are endless, and you can come up with a vape juice flavor that is just right for you.

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