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Mt Baker Vapor Thawed Sauce Vape Juice Raspberry Sour

Blend: 50PG/50VG
Nicotine Strength: 3mg/ml



When you buy pick-n-mix, do you always go for the sweet and sour candies? If so, you are going to love this vape juice that we have for sale here at MT Baker Vapor. It is truly one of a kind!

This vape juice combines a number of exciting flavors, taking your taste buds on a true adventure. The explosion of flavors combines raspberries, blackberries, and sweet and sour gummi sweets!

- Raspberry, blackberry, sour and sweet gummi
- Amazing discounts available
- 30ml bottle size
- Freshly manufactured

This vape juice comes in our highly popular 50PG/50VG blend as well as Max VG. If you prefer something stronger, we do have nicotine additives for sale at very low prices so that you can customize your nicotine hit effectively to suit you.

We also freshly manufacture all of our blends to ensure the highest levels of quality. This can mean that some steeping is needed, so please keep this in mind.

Vape Juice Product Details

Bottle Size: 30ml

Vape Juice may have been freshly manufactured and may need to steep.

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