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Thug Juice Flavor Shot



Here at Mt Baker Vapor, we think that vaping should be a truly personalized and customized experience. This is why we offer a wide range of flavor shots for you to choose from!

Our flavor shots give you a means of creating a custom flavored vape juice. Whether you stick with the same flavor shot, switch things up from one bottle to another, or mix flavor shots with existing vape juice flavors, these shots give you the perfect means of crafting flavors that will keep your vaping experience as enjoyable as possible. With our flavor shots, vaping will never get dull!

Our Thug Juice flavor shot is one of our favorites. For this shot, we've blended melon and berries for a sweet taste. This is rounded off with a cooling menthol finish.

This bottle will last. Just one or two drops will ensure an intense flavor that's will truly transform your vaping experience. You could even try mixing your Thug Juice flavor shot with other flavor shots to find your own signature flavor!

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