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USA Blend Tobacco Vape Juice

Blend: 50PG/50VG
Nicotine Strength: 0 mg/ml



Here at Mt Baker Vapor, we understand that many of us vape because we want the tobacco flavor without the health consequences of smoking tobacco itself. Many of us also use vaping as a means to wean ourselves off tobacco as we quit, so are looking for something that replicates its taste as closely as possible. if this sounds like you, we're proud to say that our USA Blend Tobacco Vape Juice should tick all your boxes.

Our USA Blend Tobacco Vape Juice has been specially formulated to mimic the flavor of a quality USA Blend tobacco - the clue is in the name! Countless customers have described the taste of this vape juice as "smooth".

If you're looking for a taste that mimics menthol tobacco, you could pair the USA Blend Tobacco Vape Juice with our Menthol Flavor Shot. It's as simple as that!

Please note that your vape juice may have been freshly manufactured prior to arrival, so you may need to leave it to steep upon its receipt.

Vape Juice Product Details

Bottle Size: 30ml

Vape Juice may have been freshly manufactured and may need to steep.

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