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Vanilla Tobacco Vape Juice

Blend: 50PG/50VG
Nicotine Strength: 3 mg/ml



When people think of Vape Juice flavors, they tend to split things into pretty clear categories. These categories tend to consist of sweet flavors, savory flavors, or tobacco and menthol based flavors. But who said we can't mix these categories up a little? Our Vanilla Tobacco Vape Juice is the perfect combination of a sweet flavor and a traditional tobacco taste.

This Vape Juice is particularly light and smooth. It combines aromatic tobacco with sweet vanilla to give a truly unique taste that's more than worth a try. This is a great day to day vape that won't prove overwhelming in regards to either of its elements. We really have struck a great balance with this one!

Please note that your vape juice may have been freshly manufactured prior to arrival, so you may need to leave it to steep upon its receipt.

Vape Juice Product Details

Bottle Size: 30ml

Vape Juice may have been freshly manufactured and may need to steep.

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